Winter Sale - Limited TIme Discounts on all Jackets
Winter Sale - Limited TIme Discounts on all Jackets

About Us

Welcome to BitTrend

BitTrend was from in 2017 to address a problem with online apparel and fashion, which is poor product quality and sizing uniformity. Like all things, as the world has developed and the age of technology has taken hold, the borders between me and you have liquidated. Fluidity is a good thing! but what we were finding was the general consumer is becoming more frustrated with online retail because of poor quality, poor sizing or quite simply put 'product that just doesn't match it's description'. This was the foundation to what BitTrend sought to address.

BitTrend like any other retailer wants to supply the best trending apparel and fashion to it customers. What we are doing that is different! is addressing the common online retailer problem of sizing and quality. We address this by sample checking our products and ensuring that they are rigorously reviewed against the US/EUR sizing specification. BitTrend sources it products from various suppliers globally and that's why we are committed to checking measurements and quality of our products before it even leaves our warehouses.

Our aim is to offer our customers something different and unique in the way of apparel. This is why we source and supply from numerous global sources to offer customers unique, bespoke and fresh looks. The goal of BitTrend is to ensure every customers is provided with a level of customisation that suits their needs, no matter their location, social need or status. We want to providing apparel that represent our centuries global identity and not just one concocted in a test tube for this seasons product launch.

BitTrend in summary is about global fashion decentralization and we want you on board to achieve this. We are committed to ensuring every customers can access the trending global fashion market from BitTrend and we want to be the company which provides you assurance to that access.

Business Address:

SD 153, Falcon Complex, Near Kalma Chowk, Iqbal Town.

Lahore, 54660

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