Winter Sale - Limited TIme Discounts on all Jackets
Winter Sale - Limited TIme Discounts on all Jackets

Item Arrival


So you have purchased an item and it has finally arrived! Yay

The first thing you will see is a package from one of our warehouses. China, USA, Belgium or Australia. It could have foreign writing on it and potentially you cant make sense of it. Don't worry! It is the right parcel. 

This package looks like a condensed version of what your ordered and you think! how can my item fit in that ? Honestly to get your items to you for free this is what needs to take place for us to get it to a size that has minimal cost but doesn't damage the product. Remember, sending a letter in your country probably costs you $1.00 domestically so for us to get something 4-10 bigger to you it has an associated cost. We keep the packages small and it takes a little bit longer to get the item to you so we don't have to charge for shipping.

Now especially with cotton fabrics this packaging method can give the items a flat look. We ask you unpack the item let the item return to it normal fabric density and structure. Carefully review the item and make sure it fits. Any issues just contact us at:

Our items are produced mainly in the South Pacific / Asian region like every other piece of clothing available to 80% of the world. Reasoning this is one of the few places in the world that you can produce clothing at a cost effective price. Historically back 15 years ago these items where produced in western countries  but buyer demand and purchasing habits have driven prices to historical lows which can only be maintained by producing offshore. The reality is today fashion and apparel cost less then what it takes to feed your family and we all must acknowledge that whether its a top brand or brand less it all comes from the same place. We source the same apparel from the same factories as your mid to large tier brands. The difference is, their paying an extra $5-10 US to have their label sewn onto it and then the marketing and advertising cost you another $25-$50 on top of that. This is were we choose to operate from and offer the same product minus the add-on's.

Enjoy you brand new item and if you have any issues with your order such as,  incorrect size, color etc we are more then happy to rectify this for you.



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